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Photo of Justin M. Ko, M.D.

Justin M. Ko, MD


Dr. Ko joined Stanford Medicine in 2012 and serves as Director and Chief of Medical Dermatology for Stanford Health Care (SHC) while also spearheading the dermatology department's efforts around network development, digital health, quality/safety/performance improvement, and value-based care. He is active in a number of leadership roles within the organization including as an Associate Chief Quality Officer and physician dyadic partner to the Chief Experience Offer, as well as co-chair of the Clinic Advisory Council, a forum of medical and executive leaders of Stanford Health Care’s Ambulatory clinics. His passion for melanoma, early cancer detection, and improving care delivery drives his efforts and research around leveraging advances in machine learning and artifical intelligence to increase the breadth of populations that can be reached. He developed and runs a digital care delivery program at SHC, providing virtual visits for patients and remote consultations for referring clinicians. He conducts research on and engages in collaborations around interventions that layer advances in machine learning on digital health capabilities to enhance access, quality and value of dermatologic care and is a founder and leader of the Stanford Translational AI in Dermatology (TRAIND) group. He chairs the American Academy of Dermatology's Committee on Augmented Intelligence. Dr. Ko has also been driven to find new treatments for alopecia areata, an immune-mediated condition that can progress to total hair loss through various clinical trials and translational research efforts. He sits on the clinical research advisory board of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation and is a founder and co-director of the Skin Innovation and Interventional Research Group (SIIRG) which conducts clinical and translational research on skin disease. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University and worked in investment banking; mergers and acquisitions at JP Morgan before going on to earn a combined medical and business degree at Tufts University. During medical school, he was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society. Dr. Ko then performed his residency at the Harvard Dermatology Residency Training Program where he served as chief resident.

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Interview with Dr. Justin M. Ko, MD




(0:00 - 1:17)




(1:18 - 6:52)
Dr. Ko’s philosophy and approach to caring for his melanoma patient. Hear what other patients are worrying about.  What does Dr. Ko say to his patients?



(6:53 - 14:03)
How Dr. Ko’s performs skin exam? How he educates his patients? Learn what he does that is so unique.



(14:04 - 24:23)
What is the current state of Artificial intelligence in detecting skin cancers? Why it is a better idea to slow down the development of AI?  Hear what he is most excited about it? How AI can be leveraged to improve access? Impact of AI + 3D total body photography.



(24:24 - 30:35)
What are the limitations in AI-based diagnostic algorithms? Hear Dr. Ko’s answers vs. ChatGPT’s answers about the pitfalls of AI.



(30:36 - 33:23)
What are the barriers faced by patients with melanoma from the perspective of the Stanford’s chief experience officer?



(33:24 - 34:18)

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